Urban Renewal

  • Experience in the planning, design and management of complex urban renewal projects 
  • Multi-disciplinary team delivers quality urban design and planning based on proven principles

     Our focus is on:

  • Enhancing opportunities to achieve liveable, successful and sustainable communities
  • Creating a quality public domain with improved access to services and jobs
  • Incorporating market analysis and advice early, with on-going assessment and monitoring, to ensure feasibility of urban planning and design outcomes
  • Working with and valuing local community

With unique experience in the planning and design of complex urban renewal projects, we have been involved in ground-breaking work for the renewal of inner city social housing areas in Glebe, Waterloo and Dacey Gardens in NSW.  More recently planning and design work for the renewal of Redfern and Waterloo communities and other inner Sydney renewal projects have been key projects.  

A genuine understanding of the range of factors at play in dynamic urban environments enables us to shape thriving, sustainable environments where linkages, land use mix, transport and infrastructure can successfully come together.   

Together with urban design and planning expertise, our critical competencies in architecture, feasibility assessment, affordable housing policy and provision, community engagement, systems modelling and mapping and graphic presentation, ensure an integrated, buildable outcome.   

The key to the success of any urban renewal project is that it: 

  • responds to the needs of clients and stakeholders;              
  • takes an integrated approach to design, building on activity linkages and centres;  
  • enhances natural attributes and harnesses opportunities;  
  • integrates with surrounding built-form to encourage vibrant mixed-use communities;           
  • provides for a quality public domain and usable attractive open space with appropriate facilities
Urban Renewal Projects


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