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Local Housing Strategies

All councils face the challenge of responding to community demands for suitable and affordable housing.  While councils are not solely responsible for housing provision, they can play a key role in facilitating better housing outcomes for their local areas.

Moreover, a suitable range of housing to meet the diverse needs of inclusive communities is vital to enable all localities to function and prosper. Local Housing Strategies help councils to identify and achieve housing outcomes responsive to the requirements of local communities.  

Every Council in NSW is required to develop a Local Strategic Planning Statement setting out the 20 year vision for their area and explaining how priorities will be implemented.  To do this, councils will need to plan for housing needs and future growth.  

While in some areas, councils are required by the State government to create Local Housing Strategies, all areas can benefit by developing a soundly based strategy.  This applies as much to slower growth areas with a mismatch between housing needs and available housing, as it does to areas undergoing rapid change struggling to maintain affordable housing opportunities.  The challenges in meeting evolving needs may differ, but they are no less significant. 

There are many steps councils can take to influence the provision of suitable, affordable and diverse housing.  As well as utilising core powers in land-use planning, infrastructure planning and service provision, councils can pursue their vision by working with local businesses and organisations to facilitate the provision of housing which is undersupplied, to attract external resources and to advocate for better outcomes.
Ways Councils can Influence Housing Outcomes

Need Assistance Preparing a Local Housing Strategy
or Responding to Housing Issues? 

Urbanista can help councils and others through all steps involved in assessing needs, understanding local conditions and in preparing evidence based local housing strategies. 

In our work developing the Local Government Housing Kit and in preparing housing strategies, we draw on our team’s specialist skills, knowledge and extensive experience in analysis and strategy development for optimising housing outcomes. 

Our capabilities include research, demand and capacity analysis, spatial planning, development feasibility and affordable housing policy and strategy. 

Housing Projects


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