• Planning & design for a range of housing projects – tailoring best-practice design principles to a specific brief 
  • Policy & strategy – from local housing studies to state & national initiatives aimed at facilitating affordable housing 
  • Advocacy & guidance for affordable and community housing projects  
  • Delivery & financing models integrating social and affordable housing in local communities 
  • Advice on asset management, tenure mix & housing procurement & renewal

Attractive, suitable and affordable housing is vital to the well-being of the community.  The Team at Urbanista has extensive experience in housing policy, strategy and project development at the national, state and local levels including:
  • Planning and urban design, particularly for mixed use projects in established areas 
  • Master planning and implementation of large scale urban renewal projects 
  • Policy analysis and housing strategy at local, state and national levels 
  • Development of local, state and national housing strategies involving all tenures  
  • Affordable housing policy, strategy and projects 
  • Formulation of alternative housing delivery models and vehicles 
  • Policy directions for the transfer of social housing title to Community Housing providers 
  • Research, data analysis and financial assessment 
  • Housing needs assessment and supply studies 
  • Design, documentation and assessment of housing


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